Habiboun - Houria Niati Vocal, and Miguel Moreno Spanish guitar

"Habiboun Duet"
Houria Niati - Vocal
Miguel Moreno - Spanish Guitar


Houria Niati: Vocal
Miguel Moreno: Spanish Guitar

"In 2003, I invited Miguel Moreno to join me as a duet to perform the 9thC Arab-Andalusian songs that I learnt to sing in my native Algeria. I always wanted to fuse with the Flamenco, and the fusion is working amazingly well: the Spanish flame and passion together with the highly poetic, romantic, and full of mystery Arabic text. Habiboun is the perfect Fusion of Arabo-Spanish music. The �genre� is an innovation because it involves only the vocal and guitar to give this magic blend of styles."
Houria Niati 2009

The Music

The songs are attributed to the great 9th Century composer, Ziriab Ibn Nafi, who was born in Middle East but forced into exile to Spain. He settled at the court of the caliph in Cordoba when Islamic Civilization was at its height. Ziriab is attributed with developing the oud (Arab lute) adding a fifth string that he called �the string of the soul�. His fame spread throughout the Muslim territories of Al-Andalus and the Mediterranean countries.
After the expulsion of the Moors, Muslims and Jews from Spain in the 14th Century, the classical Arabo-Andalusian musical repertoire accompanied the emigrants to North Africa, where it was handed down by oral tradition. Nowadays it is performed and taught throughout Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

HABIBOUN performed at the Royal Albert Hall,The National Theatre, Riverside Studio, Pegasus Theatre Oxford, PM Gallery and House, Royal Academy of Music, British Museum, SOAS, Leighton House Museum and many more�

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